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Our Process

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We begin the process with a discovery call to learn more about your project. We determine if your project requires permits, drafting, and engineering services and go over the project timeline. We will discuss a preliminary budget, including a fixed cost for drafting and permit fees.

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Drafting and Permits

Once the preliminary drawings are ready, a budget will be prepared, including a contingency fund for unforeseen circumstances or changes to the original concept. We exchange ideas and make requested revisions to preliminary construction drawings. After final client approval, we submit for municipal approvals.


Final Agreement

With final approved construction drawings in hand, any changes to preliminary budget are finalized. We then confirm time frame, payment schedules, and other details. Once satisfied, client approval is obtained and a start date is confirmed.  

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Project Commencement

Our team of skilled crew members and subcontractors prepare the site and begin working on the project. Clients are consulted throughout the process and given regular updates on our progress, municipal inspections.


Unforeseen and Extra Work

Clients are immediately consulted if we uncover any unforeseen issues during your project. We will establish the scope of work with clients and seek your approval before undertaking any work that was not agreed upon during the initial planning stage.




As the project nears completion, we perform a quality control walkthrough and make any necessary adjustments. We don’t stop working until we have brought your vision to life.



Cost-Plus Pricing: Clients agree to pay the cost of the work, including all trade subcontractor work, labor, materials, and equipment, plus an amount for overhead and profit. Since Ancaster Contracting Co. is reimbursed only for actual costs plus a fee for overhead and profit, the owner gets to keep the savings if actual costs are lower than estimated. If the actual costs are higher than estimated, the client agrees to pay the additional amount.

Fixed Price: Ancaster Contracting Co. assumes responsibility for completing your construction project at a set price. Under this billing plan, our company assumes all the risks associated with a construction project. As such, Ancaster Contracting Co. charges a higher markup than with our Cost-Plus Pricing model.

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